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I’m not a martyr. I’m not better or stronger than you are. I don’t want to convince you or talk you into or out of anything. I do want to explain the less travelled path that I chose when I was diagnosed with stage 3B cancer, to give hope, insight, and the impetus to delve deep into your own choices of treatment, and the validation that some alternative treatments deserve. I chose to heal and not to fight, and this is my personal experience.

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What I chose to do should not be something that anyone attempts to do on their own, without a practitioner, or many, to guide them.

My name is Jamie Holmes, and I have a personal experience that I would like to share.

I actually haven’t told many people my cancer story. Many of those in my life, including close friends and family, don’t even know that I had cancer, even to this day. I choose to share my experience now, because I am confident in my own physical and emotional health and stability, and can shoulder the questions, confusion, and criticism that will inevitably come my way. Years ago, however, I was not in this safe place within my body and mind. The very prospect of any questioning of my decisions was too stressful to deflect, and I couldn’t afford any doubt being planted in my mind. At that time, I needed all my focus and all my energy to heal my body.

Now, I’m ready to share.

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Jamie Holmes is a Canadian aerialist, dancer, instructor, entertainment company and circus studio-owner. She has performed all around the world, appeared in film, television, performed for awards shows, concerts, music artists, and more. 

Jamie was diagnosed with stage 3b melanoma at the age of 33, back in 2012. Immediately she knew that she was going to heal her body holistically, with love and respect, and to treat her cancer as a symptom of a whole body in disarray. Jamie dove right into the world of natural healing to learn as much as she could while working with many trusted practitioners. Today, 10 years post diagnosis, she is thriving but still passionate, motivated and curious about the wonderful capabilities of the body and optimizing health.